That kid from ‘Stranger Things’ totally looks like Rowland S Howard.

You totally see it right?

Newly minted Netflix original series and unrepentant nostalgia bomb ‘Stranger Things’ has a pretty stellar cast, ranging from authentic 80’s icon Winona Ryder through to a quartet of misfit AV club members that, depending on how many lunchtimes you spent playing Dungeons & Dragons in the school library, you can either totally relate to or at least remember.

One of those kids is played by a cat named Finn Wolfhard.

Finn Wolfhard! That’s the best name you’ve ever heard right?

He’s gonna get so much ass.
Just. So. Much.

Even though, and this is the premise of the article, he looks exactly like the late Rowland S Howard. His alien features and shy pout conjure images of a pre Young Charlatans Rowly in a way that’s very difficult to un-see once you make that short conceptual leap.

I’ve only seen the opening two episodes thus far so I have no idea if he goes onto reinvent the way we look at the guitar as an instrument or throws jagged walls of angular noise around with gleeful abandon before developing a debilitating heroin habit. But that’d be ace right?

Stranger Things is screening on Netflix now. Rowland’s entire back catalogue is still incredible. Start with this one:

-Andi Lennon

7 thoughts on “That kid from ‘Stranger Things’ totally looks like Rowland S Howard.

  1. Yes i totally agree and I am his sister. Whatsmore he reminds me of Rowland at different ages throughout his life, which is surprising. It will be interesting to see if he grows out of it so to speak. Time will tell👁👁

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