This page started life as a home to compile extended versions and longform edits of content I had submitted to other websites and magazines. Well, that and the shitty half-baked pitches that never found a home.

Since then it’s kind of mutated and has become its own thing.

I hope you find something among all this wordy bullshit to help fritter away your day.

Contact me if you’re interested in a review, interview, promo, collaboration or anything at all really.  Aside from interviews, reviews and other journalist adjacent folly, I also do music for pleasure and writing for games – so hit me up and we’ll make a monster.

You can check out some of my music here:

Sounds Like Winter

Sea Lungs


And some of the games I’ve worked on here:

Machina Arcana: To Eternity

Pistol Packing Bondage Nuns from Dimension Sex

Stay cool, stay indie. Do your thing.

Andi Lennon