Fib – Part One

1. “So why do they call you Fib then?” “Well” paused Fib, as if recalling it himself for the first time in a long spell. “Are you a fan of David Attenborough?” “I guess so” Marcus replied, unconvincingly, “I mean, I guess everyone is right? He seems unimpeachable”. “That’s the thing”, Fib shot back with […]

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Pax Viking – Blood, Fire, Politics

Murder, maiming, fornication, ginger beards! Foaming horns of mead! Sweeping blonde shampoo commercial locks! Enormous girthy hammers!! Our popular culture’s understanding of antique Scandinavian culture is nothing if not subtle. This fervent embrace of the ‘Bathory album cover’ end of this spectrum is perhaps nowhere better exemplified than in the realm of tabletop gaming, where […]

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Toadlicking Tabletop Round-Up

Thrills! Spills! Hallucinogenic Venom! There’s nothing to quite make you question your adherence to the cloying yoke of consumerism like a legion of shelf-toads leering at you. Call it a ‘Shelf of Opportunity’ all you want as it crowds your mental space, but it’s some shameful shit. It’s been a while since my last full […]

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Sekigahara – Tokugawa Rides Out

Every so often you encounter a gaming experience that is so good it makes you re-evaluate your entire relationship to the hobby. Sekigahara- The Unification of Japan by designer Matt Calkins and published by GMT Games, offers one such experience.   Adrift and jaded in a sea of blinged-out ‘narrative’ titles, the elegance, immediacy, and […]

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