Bristol 1350 – Bring out Your Dead

The cart was packed to bursting point. Shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow, like cattle we squirmed as we made our desperate pilgrimage through the rickety switchbacks of the doomed metropolis. A sour scent of sweat and desperation mingled with the sickly-sweet rot of apples underfoot as we eyed one another warily for the tell-tale […]

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Canvas offers Layers within Layers

Ask any number of artists about the process of oil painting and chances are the importance of layering will swiftly arise. Many will regale you with tales of the moment that a painting either leaps into focus or becomes irretrievably lost with the addition of a single stroke. Similarly, the tactile nature of oil on […]

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Crayne: Fractured Empire

The Empire of Crayne has fallen to chaos. Riven by cataclysmic events such as the Great Flood and the unyielding Tide of Dust, closely knit factions have splintered, paying homage and lending their blades to a series of local Lords, each of whom vie for dominance and influence throughout the fractured land. These grim times […]

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