Claustrophobia 1643 – A Dense and Breathless Dread

February 1543, and deep in the throes of the reformation sundering Europe, a radical religious sect of Anabaptists seizes the walled Westphalian city of Münster. Christened after their founding prophet, these Melchiorites assign themselves as God’s chosen elect, and set about the foundation and fortification of their communal sanctuary – their promised New Jerusalem.  In […]

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Dark Venture-The Colour out of Space

One of the greatest advantages that the tabletop gaming hobby has over other prevalent entertainment mediums such as cinema or videogames is that of scale. In a world reigned over and mercilessly throttled by design-by-committee thinking, focus group testing and lowest-common-denominator economy as ambition – the world of chit and card remains a place where […]

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Immanentising the Eschaton

It is a particularly human quirk that throughout all of history it seems that every successive generation has been convinced that it is they who stand teetering on the cusp of the Apocalypse – they who have been chosen to bear witness to the fall. Our endless fascination with death and our subconscious lust for […]

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Nexus Infernum Ascends in Blasphemy

Baleful chants rise stentorian from the most tenebrous chambers of a shadowed and decrepit underworld. Skeletal minions clash desperately amidst showers of sparks – spat in arcing divinity from queer arcane gateways. Demonic pacts are forged at terrible cost with ravenous pantheons. And straddling the furnace to harness it all – necromantic sages pit their […]

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As the party descended further into the murky confines of the labyrinth, a T-junction splayed before them to posit a banal binary fork. In the flickering glow of their torchlight, the party bickered arbitrarily until the tell-tale yelp of the goblin commander announced a malicious presence and the PC’s reflexively reached for their side-arms. “Roll […]