Dark Venture-The Colour out of Space

One of the greatest advantages that the tabletop gaming hobby has over other prevalent entertainment mediums such as cinema or videogames is that of scale. In a world reigned over and mercilessly throttled by design-by-committee thinking, focus group testing and lowest-common-denominator economy as ambition – the world of chit and card remains a place where […]

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As the party descended further into the murky confines of the labyrinth, a T-junction splayed before them to posit a banal binary fork. In the flickering glow of their torchlight, the party bickered arbitrarily until the tell-tale yelp of the goblin commander announced a malicious presence and the PC’s reflexively reached for their side-arms. “Roll […]


Under the Sign of the Black Mark- MÖRK BORG’s twin basilisks speak

In its impassioned embrace of equal parts ‘return to roots’ simplicity and psychedelic predilection for unbridled esoteric weirdness, the old school renaissance (or OSR) has gifted the world of tabletop RPG’s with one of its most fertile and exciting periods in decades. As the phenomenon of role playing continues to make inroads into the mainstream, […]

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MÖRK BORG – Dungeons & Downtuning

“The wind from the west, from the sundered land. Rot rides it, and the stench of blood. Cursed walker, will you travel there?” The world is burning, jackbooted storm-troopers blanket the streets in gas, ancient aboriginal sites are destroyed, our collective heritage and future is siphoned from the earth and filtered into hedge-funds and the […]

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