Deathrock Rattles on: Pawns/Cemetery Split Cassette

Deathrock rattles on, spooling and unspooling across circular plastic teeth.

This cassette crackles with new tracks from two acts that share a thematic and aesthetic umbrella to sit perfectly perpendicular on this four track sampler.

Pawns Breaking Wheel erupts first and throws commanding angular bass runs, squalling guitars and echoing baritone out of the speakers, recalling a sinister marriage of Bauhaus and The Dead Kennedy’s.


Herxing keeps things grim with whirling tribal drums underpinning a track that dives in and out of a murk of chords and comes up clutching razor sharp guitar lines.

Flip the cassette and Cemetery’s The Trollop has meandering verses that are smashed to ribbons by a massive noise injection and then re-knit like mercury. Wailing heavily effects-laden vocals that recall Varney of Sopor Aeturnus sit submerged in a soup of guitar accented by the trebly punctuation of splash cymbals while tom tom’s tumble.


Years from Now closes the show with insistent bass and guitars that straddle the sharp and space-faring. Sounding both world weary and vital, it’s raw, warm and cold.

The audio environment of the cassette fits these tracks like a glove, adding mystery and ambience with each revolving hiss. Plus it fits right in your pocket!

Limited to 100 copies, grab it now via Fundamental Illness Records.

– Andi Lennon

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