Noroth- Thick Crust Death that goes right to the rim.

Death is in the air. It dwells amongst us, invisible. Isolation tests our humanity. Dark days crowd the horizon.

So it’s death metal time yeah?

“We are inspired by the sicknesses of humanity” claims Mike, from Seattle-based old-school death metal trio Noroth. You can emphatically add ‘early Bolt Thrower’ to that list of influences if forthcoming debut album ‘It Dwells Amongst Us’ is any indication.

This is pummelling, crusty, defiantly primitive shit. If, like me, the thought of triggered kick drums, widdly solos and sterile tech chops leaves you cold, then this welcome slice of punishing sludge is just the thing to see you through your lockdown anxiety with a furniture splintering aplomb.

Opening track ‘Shadow, My Patriarch’ may open with one of the most utilised riff structures in DM history but it’s delivered with conviction enough to convince and instantly lets you know that you’re getting what is pictured on the tin.

noroth band shot

Chromatic downtuned riffing, thick turgid bass, D-beat duelling with Ventor beat, and gutteral NYC-scene style vox with just enough rasp as to enunciate and rise above the cookie-monsterisms of lesser cupped mics.

Frantic blasting passages punctuated by body enveloping breakdowns and crushing doomy interludes recall shades of Autopsy, Obituary, Hellhammer, Discharge and other battle vest icons whilst they sprint and stumble wildly, steadfastly refusing to reinvent the wheel.

Whether inhaling the musty crypts of the chugging ‘Cerberus’ or hanging between the vertiginous precipices that open “Mount ov Misery’, the eight tracks on offer sit coiled with leering, rusted barbs to hook onto, each song done and dusted in three minutes or less, channelling brevity as ammunition as it ploughs it’s purposeful furrow.

Available on cassette April 10th, 2020 on Caligari Records and limited to 150 pro copies, you can check it out here.

Everything old is new again.

And it dwells amongst us.

Noroth- it dwells promo

-Andi Lennon



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