Nerve Quakes – A New State

Hailing from Perth, on the rugged coast of Western Australia, Nerve Quakes conjure a sound that could just as well have emerged from the gloom of Leeds in 1987.

Debut LP ‘A New State’ first tempts with ‘Honey Hive’ where bass runs into chiming glissando before Siouxsie rings the doorbell and invites herself in with fishnet fluttering.

Heavily chorused guitars are prominent throughout, ticking goth boxes with an authentic felt tip, all punctuated with sprightly snare.

Shades of a less angular Skeletal Family rear their head along with mid period Banshees comparisons (think Tinderbox) complete with attendant pop sensibilities.

Standout tracks include ‘Blood Money’ and ‘Monarch’ with its triangular bass and spidery guitars, and ‘1000 Years’ with its ringing Cure feel.

Everything here is familiar, everything here has the scent of clove cigarettes.

Smudge your eyeliner and play it in low light.

Available now via Imminent Destruction Records.


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