El Corredor Maldito – Deathrock Rides Again. Pay what you want.

The underground has always been a fertile, fecund place. While the topsoil of bedroom wall icons and their cheekbone legacies lie fallow if not forgotten, their seeds and spores have drifted on the wind and sprouted in innumerable places throughout the globe.

And no scene seems more fertile and evergreen than the triad of Deathrock, Post Punk and Gothic Rock.

From all continents it rises, perennial, undead.  It clamours for the light with new sounds emerging daily, digital channels choked to the gills with offerings from bedrooms and garages, disparate but unified.

Now ten of them have been funnelled down this cursed corridor and into your ears.

And it’s only gonna cost you a buck. You cheap cunts.

Fundamental Illness Records from Australia and Eterna Oscuridad Radio from L.A. have joined forces to sift through the new sounds and have selected ten white hot shards out of the sea on this not-for-profit compilation.

It runs the spectrum from razorwire punk edges to chorused-out gothic sweep, diverse and yet cohesive, curated with love from blackened and still beating hearts.

Christian Death, Bauhuas, Joy Division, Rudimentary Peni? Old Hat. This is your new pants.

Pay what you want. Take what you want. You’ll be giving something back.

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