To the Batcave!

The underground has always been powered by the DIY spirit, where in a world of consumers, some dare to participate. Ever since the days of ‘Sniffin Glue’ and ‘Spiral Scratch’ the urge to create and take matters into one’s own hands, enduring the papercuts of progress has permeated the subcultural landscape. Where some moan about […]

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Puritans- Seven Inches of Autonomy

Fundamental Illness Records is a Sydney based label and distro that is hoisting the DIY banner proudly in their inked and calloused hands. Following the digital only release of their ‘El Corridor Maldito’ compilation in conjunction with Eterna Oscuridad they’ve hit hard on the second swing with their first physical release. Puritans from Vancouver belie […]

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Dressed like a Salad:Dogs in Space and the legend of The Ears.

“Mind Explodes, out come dogs, they shoot off, into space” Melbourne Australia, 1970’s. A grim, exciting time to be young, unemployed and riding the residual spray of the punk rock wave as it eventually lapped at this convict nation’s shores. The Boys Next Door, The Young Charlatans, Whirlywirld, The Primitive Calculators, Tsk-Tsk-Tsk, The Ears. Each […]

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