Refurbish your Helmet with HOWL and BATCAVE PRODUCTIONS

Emerging from Sydney Australia in 2012, Howl are a group of four pale orphans who ignited the local scene briefly with their unique helmet-on-the-bus style take on Deathrock and Post-Punk themes. Sticking around long enough to record the seminal (citation needed) Rat Helmet EP, they burned bright before realising they were all far too sexually attracted to one another to continue.

Four long and barren years passed as they pursued other projects before the ravages of age rendered them unsightly enough to once again co-inhabit a stage. Since then they’ve been reintroducing an unsuspecting world to their pioneering (again-citation needed) sonic brew, writing a new album and selling socks on the internet for profit.

Now in 2018 that long-out-of-print debut EP has been re-pressed by Polish label Batcave Productions. Featuring the original four tracks plus four brand-new bonus tracks and a cursed monkey paw, this is surely the ultimate edition to add to your collection.

A spiky collision of Only Theatre of Pain and Morbid Tales with a unique Australian twist, the initial run is limited to 100 copies and comes with a free download code.

Get it here:




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