Dig out your black shawl, Channel Ten is losing The Simpsons.

Hear me out.

I haven’t watched terrestrial TV for many years and the Simpsons has been powerfully shit for a very long time but I’m assuming they still flooded the schedule with re-runs right? What are the impressionable children of today and tomorrow to do now?

As a teenager and young adult, the Simpsons were a righteous dose of satire, cynicism, heart and truth-to-power that helped shape my worldview and attitudes in more ways than I can articulate without heading into thesis town.

The fact they were broadcast ad-infinitum in a regular early evening timeslot meant that by sheer virtue of their ubiquity they provided a comforting background hum and de-facto true north compass amidst the turmoil of an increasingly fraught world as I came of age.
And I know I’m not alone in this.

It was a truly cromulent phenomenon that by way of scheduling pragmatism embiggened this nation in particular.

Nothing lasts forever, but it sucks that this beacon of wit and wisdom will no longer be part of the furniture for future Australian generations, offering them layers of intelligence and cynical barbs as it floated amidst the waves and waves of pure shit that bookended it.

So don’t forget to tell your niece, nephew, son or daughter about ‘Meat and You: Partners in Freedom’, the Bear Tax or the relative merits of mono railed transportation systems.

We’re all Mr. Bergstrom now.


think of the children
 – Andi Lennon

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