The Resurrection Hex- David J Haskins on Bauhaus, Black Majick & Benediction

It all starts with a Bossa Nova beat. Then three descending bass notes usher in swirling and strafing guitars that skitter like spiders, white on white translucent. A cult is born. Undead.

The man behind those iconic bass notes was none other than David J Haskins, and along with his brother Kevin and the mercurial duo of Daniel Ash and Peter Murphy he would go on to create some of the most unique, oblique and enduring music of the 20th century. Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, the Jazz Butcher. From the pubs and clubs of London town to the dizzying expanse of Dodgers stadium and all fixtures in between, David’s bass has remained a constant anchor. Angular, funky, sloping, seductive. He teases myriad shapes out of his strings and gives form to the frisson.

And now he’s told his tale. Who Killed Mister Moonlight? – Bauhaus, Black Majick and Benediction gives the first hand scoop on not only Bauhaus’ gestation, disintegration and reformation (repeat) but also David’s dabbling with the dark arts, divine invasions and all things spooked and symbolic. About to be re-pressed for a second edition, David took time out of his current touring schedule to guide me through the many corridors of a life extraordinarily lived.

Read the full piece over at Cvlt Nation.
-Andi Lennon

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