O.C. O.G. – An Interview with Rikk Agnew

Punk rock dark lord and master of the octave chord Rikk Agnew has left his sonic prints on more red hot and poisonous projects than you’ve had furtive wanks.

Emerging out of the embryonic Orange County punk scene in the late 70’s, Rikk is a multi-instrumentalist, punk polymath and antenna for the muses – contributing to legendary album’s like The Adolescents’ blue debut and the otherworldly Only Theatre of Pain by Christian Death. He should need no introduction, he basically invented deathrock guitars, but if you need a doorway to guide you then fire up ‘Cavity-First Communion’ or ‘Kids of the Black Hole.’ There’s miles and miles behind that door and beyond.

Bouncing back from a brush with degradation, bloatation and evaporation, he’s strapped in tight but loose again, antenna polished to a buffed chrome gleam with The Rikk Agnew Band, their new LP Learn and about eleventy other projects to throttle the shit out of a new lease on life.

He took some time over a few busy weeks to beam me his musings about origins, hauntings, new chances, strippers, willies and the eternally burnt brand of Christian Death.

Check it out at Cvlt Nation.

-Andi Lennon

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