People with Dirty Faces- An interview with Andi Sexgang

Of all the many-coloured moths that first burst free of the original gothic rock chrysalis, Sex Gang Children were perhaps the most strident and unique – the patterns on their wings the most vibrant and distorted, their vision the most singular. Immediately creating waves amidst the cloistered environs of the Batcave, it wasn’t long before they were riding high in the independent charts, with major labels sniffing around the periphery of this off-kilter and supremely self-assured phenomena.

But line-up changes, circumstance and that name – oh lord, that name – threw innumerable roadblocks in their way; each of which was vaulted in style, but not without leaving some skin on the barricades.

Now over 30 years later, the original line up is back – with Andi Sex Gang being re-joined by guitarist Terry Macleay and Drummer Rob Stroud for the Electric Jezebel Tour in support of the recently released compilation of those early, enervating, engaging and infuriating singles.

In the interim, Andi, for his part never stopped producing challenging and evolving material – amassing a staggering catalogue of work that, whilst varying wildly in style, has retained an ever-present scent of a manifesto. A belief system. A fucking mission.

Basically, there was a lot to talk about.

Check it out at Cvlt Nation.

-Andi Lennon

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