From out of the Abyss: Disjecta Membra plunder the tombs of ‘Achromaticia’

Stalwart New Zealand act bring the Kitchen Sink to their anniversary.

Glancing backwards can be a perilous thing. Memories long subsumed can bubble to the surface revealing a deeper and more fractured shade to half-formed recollections refracted in the stark light of day. Revisiting one’s younger self can often come accompanied with an uninvited array of shudders and regrets both for the relative brevity of what might seem in the moment like an eternity, and the potential it may have once represented. You know what they say – there’s no going home again. But despite this fact, the music industry has never been shy of raiding its back catalogues for 30th anniversary editions, best-of’s, remixes, reappraisals, extra tracks and a tacky badge.

But sometimes it’s more than a cynical cash-in or contractual obligation at play. Sometimes it’s a labour of love and a stab at preservation. Sometimes it’s about completing the story and laying ghosts to rest. Sometimes it’s worth re-treading storied ground.

Get my full scoop and an exclusive unreleased track over at Cvlt Nation.

-Andi Lennon


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