Now that other kid from Stranger Things totally looks like Dave Vanian

Part three in our potentially ongoing series ‘That kid totally looks like’ again features a cast member of Netflix’s diminishing returns nostalgia-em-up ‘Stranger Things’.

Dave Vanian Stranger Things

Not content with Rowland S Howard doppleganger Finn Wolfhard (such an awesome name) in the ensemble, the showrunners have seemingly now seen fit to transform Millie Bobby Brown’s character ‘Eleven’ into a a young facsimile of The Damned’s Dave Vanian.

No word yet on whether or not she’ll transition to wearing elaborate puffy sleeves and crooning Barry Ryan covers throughout the course of the third season.

Image result for dave vanian

Thanks to Sian (Fangr) for the tip-off.

Catch the horror taxi now on Netflix.

-Andi Lennon

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