Reclaim the Red Light of Morning with Andy Prieboy and this Australian Fire Fundraiser

No stranger to our shores, former Wall of Voodoo frontman and poet laureate of cynical Americana, Andy Prieboy has watched from afar as our Country has burned with a twinge of recognition thanks to his own flight from the California Woolsey fires of 2018.

From his breakthrough Wall of Vooodoo anthem ‘Far Side of Crazy’ to the aching balladry of ‘Tomorrow Wendy’ his work has been embraced with a genuine fervour on this most unlikely of continents, and now like a true gentleman he’s repaying the favour with a collection of re-worked Voodoo classics to raise money for fire relief efforts.

Featuring a new original composition ‘Red Light of Morning’, penned in the aftermath of his own ash-flecked exodus, the package is rounded out by four solo reinventions of tracks from the ‘Seven Days in Sammystown’ and ‘Happy Planet’ era. This bittersweet selection of bon mots features a strikingly beautiful arrangement of the tom-thumping ‘This Business of Love’ and an off-the-cuff run at Happy Planet standout ‘Elvis Bought Dora a Cadillac’ that possibly surpasses the original in all of its ‘pathos with a twist of wit’ that is his signature.

Available here for two weeks only, you’ll be glad you snagged these more-than-curios and rare backwards glances from a still startling songwriter. All proceeds will assist fire relief efforts for the people, animals and towns still struggling through this stifling season.

Further Reading: Check out my interview with Andy.

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